IDAL Intradermal Vaccination

Why vaccinate in the Skin?

Where a muscle provides movement, the skin provides protection. In the skin are also present plenty of specialized immune cells (50 times more than in blood).
In order to get good protection, it is necessary that a vaccine comes in contact with immune cells. In this way, pigs develop protection (immunity).
By vaccinating in the skin, the vaccine comes directly into contact with these immune cells, which then rapidly deliver the long‐lasting desired immunity.
IDAL, the revolutionary injection technology from MSD Animal Health.

The IDAL offers unprecedented benefits for farmers, processors and to the animal’s welfare.

The needleless vaccination technique is not only reliable and effective but also user friendly. The IDAL can be used for the three most common pig diseases: PCV2, PRRS and Mycoplasma.
The IDAL can vaccinate large numbers of pigs in a short time. Under high, constant pressure, 0.2 mL of vaccine is injected into the skin.

Where can you vaccinate?

The IDAL can be best used in places where the skin is not too thick, stiff or not too hairy and is not against the bone or a fat layer. In piglets this can be in the neck, along the muscles on the back or in the ham. In sows is it behind the ears in the neck.

Features and benefits:

Animal Health:

  • Using the IDAL means needle‐less vaccinations into the skin (intradermal) of the vaccinated pig. Many pathogens such as PRRS and PCV2 can be found in infected animals in the blood and tissue fluids. Using the IDAL, these and other germs no longer can be transferred from one pig to the other.
  • The small injection volume (0.2 Ml vs 2mL) reduces the risk of side effects.


  • Less pain perception
  • Flexibility in the choice of the vaccination site for piglets
  • Less stressful for the pigs
  • No risk of infection transmission through the needle
  • No risk of breakage of the needle in the pig (no scar tissue in the muscle)

The Processor:

  • Additional actions to be carried out at the processor cost money.
  • Broken needles and injection site reactions lead to loss of valuable muscle tissue. Using the IDAL there is no chance of this occurring, because there are simply no needles used.

Pig farmers:

  • The IDAL offers flexibility with a range of vaccines to cover the most significant pathogens, there vaccines are Porcilis PCV ID, Porcilis M Hyo ID Once and Porcilis PRRS.
  • No need to change needles‐ Safer for the operator and time saving
  • Built in operator safety features reduce risk of self‐injection
  • Simple to use