A partnership with vets and owners keeping the UK’s cats in shape

Around a quarter of people in the UK are cat owners1 and the domestic cat has recently passed the dog as the most popular companion animal in Europe2 with many choosing cats as ideal pets for busy households.

They may not be pack animals but independent-loving felines are still reliant on us to make the right choices to protect their health. Our cats have their own personalities and lifestyles and MSD Animal Health can give both animal health professionals and cat owners the support they need to provide individual care through an impressive range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management tools.

Whether providing care for a newly arrived kitten, a house cat or an older cat, MSD Animal Health is able to offer trusted solutions for protection against diseases such as Cat Flu through vaccination, with innovative parasite control or conditions including diabetes mellitus.

If you have any concerns regarding your cat, always consult a veterinary healthcare professional.


1.    RSPCA Cat Crisis Report March 2014

2.    FEDIAF The European Pet Food Industry Report 2014